Oh God It’s the UK- Pokemon Sword and Shield Review

After a long time, Pokémon fans have got the next main line game in the series and after being on Nintendo DS for the last decade they’ve brought this instalment to the Nintendo Switch. In this game we venture into the Galar region, a whole new area with all new Pokémon. What’s the most interesting part of this new region, well I think it’s that it is based on the United Kingdom. 

Being on the Nintendo switch you get an amazingly detailed experience, while 720p graphics obviously isn’t the best in the market overall, it’s amazingly detailed for a hand-held console. The game itself offers 3D models of all of your favourite Pokémon both old and new, oh how far we have come from our pixelated pets.

My shiny Phantump which i love ❤

While this is a game widely enjoyed by a more mature audience the game itself has a very child targeted design, (obviously someone at Game freak thinks this game is for kids pff) this adds a very nostalgic feeling to the game letting you be a child again whenever you play it. 

The story itself follows the usual mainline game scenario with a young child coming of age and leaving his mother alone as he wanders the country with his pet fighting the local gang… Obviously it doesn’t seem that sinister when you’re playing it… Anyway, you get the choice of three Pokémon to start, Grookey, Scorbunny and Sobble, then you take your fathers comedically oversized bag he left for you, grab your bestie Hop and hit the road.

One difference we have here is Team Yell, the gang I mentioned earlier aren’t really all too evil, they’re just fans of the Gym challenge who tend to get a bit too hyped up when supporting their home team. As I said it is based on the UK and this is definitely a representation of Football fans supporting their teams which was an amazing idea, somebody at Game Freak deserves a raise. 

Image from Nintendosoup.com

One of he new Mechanics of the game is the ‘Overworld’ this came around in Pokémon: Let’s Go where rather than the old encounter of being randomly attacked in the tall grass (which can still happen) you can see Pokémon around you. For any hardcore players out there I’ll tell you, this makes completing your Pokedex a lot easier since you aren’t just hoping for an encounter, you can find Pokémon with less hassle. 

Sneak energy drink review

My ads have been riddled with Sneak energy drink, I have no clue why but i gave it a click anyway to have a browse. As I put on my Instagram last week (luckyfrostlive on Instagram, give me a follow for more content between posts.) Be ready for more photos than usual in this article, I actually took some before I drank it.

But yeah, looking through I found a taster set where you get fiver sachets for quite cheap and I found a free cup/shaker code that comes with it if i used the code ‘try’ at the checkout.

For my five sachets I got two cherry (I love cherry flavoured anything, keep reading for my heartbreak later.), a purple storm, one stealth and a sachet of tropikilla. So yeah, five sachets, so five taster drinks and a free shaker. Another tbh moment is this cup, I love it and want more.

All of the flavours I got are very different so I will be reviewing the flavours individually, starting with cherry which comes with my tragic story. Now I love cherry flavoured anything so I got two of these, and not realising how strong the powder actually is (which to be honest is value for your money) I made two cups, one to try on the evening and one for university the next morning. Like I said I underestimated the strength of the powder so I ended up with two nigh undrinkable cups of cherry energy as it was too sweet for me… Devastated.

😥 R.I.P

So yeah, back on track, the next one i tried was the stealth edition, learning from my mistakes I used about a third of the packet and it tasted really nice, a lot like a glucose drink but it worked much better, As I’ll say in my round up. It is very easy to sit and drink when portioned correctly, the stealth edition to me is a basic energy drink flavour however that may be the goal; hence stealth edition.

7/10 would try if I was you

Next was the Tropikilla which out of what I tried is definitely my favourite out of what I tried out of them all, it was the right kind of sweet with the fruity flavours being well balanced and controlled to avoid it becoming sickly.

9/10, go get some

The last one that I got this time was Purple Storm which taste wise was really sweet, but to me it tasted like blueberry cotton candy so I wouldn’t expect it not to be sweet and I really enjoyed it. This one showed me just how strong the powder is as I could see the colour through the cup so I was cautious of how much I used, needless to say I got plenty of servings out of the five sachet tasters.

Not sure why this one doesn’t say dietary supplement?

Finally my round up, first the short version, yes I will be getting more as I enjoyed it and even then I want to get a better taste of the Cherry Bomb flavour as well as the strawberry and watermelon and blue raspberry. I will note to anybody that tries it, as the powder is very strong in my opinion 10g would be a recommend serving from them but do some experimenting to find what you like and don’t give up straight away.

Performance wise it is really good, I live on energy drinks, they get me through university along with a couple of cups of coffee. However I normally get the crash, I tried these for a couple of days and felt the energy, I was less drowsy even though I wasn’t having my usual coffee and the energy dissipated naturally rather than a crash resulting in an afternoon nap. For a zero sugar energy drink i felt great from it. And if you want value for money get this, the powder is really really strong.

So the round up, I tried it and recommend you buy it, the taster sachets at least, start of there and find a flavour you like and don’t miss out on the sick cup using code ‘try’ (this isn’t sponsored I just want more people to have this cup.)

p.s. I love everything about their packaging.

Easy Halloween Make-Up

I know it’s been done a million times before but it has been done so much because it’s easy. One of the best parts about this make-up is that there isn’t a way you have to do it so you can go buy random Halloween face paint from the pound shop and chances are you’ll have what you need.

If you never guessed from the photo I am talking about the lower face skeleton make-up which when done right can look pretty amazing.

All I’ll be using is white cream which comes in a clown face paint set, some white powder which is just a regular thing people have in day to day make up and liquid eye liner for the details (some thing else you can find at the pound shop.)

Obviously before you start you need to make sure you’ve got a nice clean face, if you’ve exfoliated even better, a nice clean smooth surface. More options if you have it are things like face primer to prep the skin for makeup and make it sit easier and last longer.

After this you’ll want to get the base down otherwise known as the white cream make-up, i take this up to just under my cheekbones and down to my jaw line to exaggerate said areas making it look that bit more well done.

This isn’t needed but I also like to outline the area I am painting white using the liquid eye liner as well. I also forgot to grab a photo between steps of me painting my nose, As you can tell i painted the tip of my nose black and made a point in the outline adding a more skeletal nose.

I also went over the creme make up with some white powder to make the look a tad more matt, I swear it does look better towards the end.

the next step is the mouth, using the liquid eye liner you’ll want to draw almost a smile extending from your own lips. As well as this paint the inside of your lips black to connect the mouth in the middle.

After you’ve drawn your smiley face you’ll want to draw your teeth. The first step to this is to dash lines along the curve of your smile. I did seven on my lips with an additional five along the curve of the smile for the teeth to be.

The way you finish these is very much a creative decision, I decided to take the top teeth to a point using the eye liner whilst blunting the bottom set.

Next from here I decided to add a couple of extra detail lines to fill in the empty space as shown in the left image.

Now this was the finished look I was presenting to you all on the blog but I couldn’t help myself and just had to keep going, let’s call it the too much gene (got that from Jenna Marbles and it’s my favourite phrase.)

So what I did next was took some black eye shadow and attempted to add a smokey effect to the make up taking the eye shadow to the edges of the lines and smoking it out to add a ghostly detailed effect.

As you can tell enough is never enough so I decided to finally try use the eye liner for what it is for and add some under my eye with a line coming down from the centre. Also at some point even I don’t recall I drew a crack on my chin.

I’ll be posting this to all my social media on the 23rd October and would love for you guys to try it, do it properly unlike me and tag me at:

Instagram: luckyfrostlive

Twitter@ Lucky Frost Live @murphy_martyn

Like I’ve said I’ve seen this make-up before and I’m sure yous have but i haven’t seen many tutorials so I’ll see yous later, have fun.

Huel 1.0 Chocolate flavour review

I’ve been walking to university for the past few weeks and every day I’ve walked past Sainsbury’s with a big sign on the side walk advertising this ‘Ready-to-drink complete meal’ called Huel.

They’ve described it themselves as ‘the perfect meal when time is short and your away from the kitchen’.

I’ve tried something similar to this before, being the Arbonne meal replacement which was almost like drinking porridge so I never really had high hopes for Huel, me not being a huge fan of porridge and an ingredient on the bottle being gluten free oat powder.

However I was surprised as it is really smooth and actually tastes like chocolate but it wasn’t as over powering to be sickly, it was really easy to drink.

It has a really thick consistency living up to its’ title of complete meal as it was really filling. And if what else it says on the bottle about it being ‘nutritionally complete’ I’ve got nothing bad to say about it. Just make sure you drink it within 12 hours of opening and try keep it chilled.

A couple of more positives about this product is that it is vegan friendly, as well as being Gluten and Soya-free.

I’d say it is worth a try, I’ll pick it up again whenever I am in a rush for lunch. If you want to find it they may stock it at your local Sainsbury’s as well and if not they do have a website, just google huel.

That’s all for this product, throwing a bit of health and lifestyle onto the blog; if you want me to give some stuff a try just drop me a message through email or on social media.

So I tried it and got to suggest you buy it and give it a shot yourself.

Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Charcoal Face Wash

This time it is the tea tree charcoal face wash, that I’ve just ran out of.

My skin routine which is very simple: face wash and moisturise with a face mask maybe once a week. The charcoal face wash was my last face wash.

Recently I have had worsening skin, it’s been getting very sensitive and oily with my usual face mask burning like hell I needed this face wash to really pull its’ weight.

I can say that it did, it works fast not needing me to sit there for twenty minutes to work and really cleanses the skin of any oils leaving your skin looking clean and feeling refreshed.

However it is quite harsh in terms of drying your skin out so moisturise once you’ve used it, i’d recommend the tea tree day moisturiser which is the one i use when I have it.

But for mens skin a close call is the Bull Dog oil control moisturiser. I’ve been using that one to deal with my oily skin as I mentioned earlier.

Well there is another one of my very rare reviews, apologies honestly for how inconsistent I am, if anybody out there is bearing with me I’ve got to say thank you, i’ll get there.

And I know how it works, I’ve tried this product, appreciated it and would say buy it yourself, however make sure you buy a moisturiser as well if you don’t already have one as it can be quite drying on some skin types.

tea tree & witch hazel body scrub review

Hi again, long overdue for something new I know, lets accept we may be hit and miss until I get into the swing of these things.

A couple of months ago now my friend Niamh tagged me in a competition on Instagram, the typical tag a friend for a chance to enter. Niamh has her own blog as well, very professional actually updates regularly, I’ll drop the address at the end if you want to see some amazing varied content, a blog of all trades you may say.

Okay I lost focus, so I entered this completion and won a tube of the tea tree and witch hazel body scrub. First things first, they don’t play around with delivery, I had this stuff within the next week.

Now secondly I am not the body scrub kind of guy, I am more of a lush bath bombs and putty guy but I thought Id give it a try.

I don’t go just slapping anything on my body I’m given so I had a look at the Boots website, nothing but praise from people and nothing seemed sketchy so I may as well give it a shot (Hoping it was good since I saw they did charcoal and berry stuff as well which is bomb.)

Image result for tea tree and witch hazel body scrub
Stolen image as I decided a full one looks better than my empty bottle.

As I said in the photo caption I chose a full bottle photo than my empty one because I am all out and think it works brilliantly. I am not going to lie and say that I have bad skin but my arms and chest can get a little dry and red with the occasional spot when I use some body washes (why I prefer lush).

This product really helped clear up any blemishes or other unsightly marks on my skin nicely, not the kind of person to post shirtless pics on a blog so I will save you that pain, you’ll have to take my word for it this time.

Also the product smells nice, not going to say amazing because it is a really gentle smell, tried to work out what it reminded me of but I got nowhere. As I was saying the gentle smell was nice but i prefer something more vibrant so I used my regular body wash as well but this may no be an issue for some.

That’s all for this blog and as I said I will be putting Niamh’s blog below (a must read for anybody who enjoys a good blog.) Well I tried it and got to recommend that you buy it.


Special Effects Makeup Trial

Okay, so last year I cosplayed Izyoi Sonosuke from Danganronpa the animation: Future arc… Firstly, If you haven’t seen it stop reading I will be spoiling it.

So yeah I cosplayed Izayoi to York Unleashed last year, one of the best cons of the year and on the day I walked past a special effects booth and realised my character was murdered and looked pretty damn gruesome as well, so I got the make up done.

As you can see the photos have a very different mood and the second is what I want but I can’t be having someone doing my makeup at every con so I decided to give it a go myself using the following makeup products:

  • Snazaroo fake blood and special fx wax
  • liquid latex from a costume shop, no notable brand
  • A special effects makeup sponge
  • Eleven ever face paint pallette no.1 from Amazon
  • Star gazer stage glue from Amazon

First thing I’ll say is get the right sponge it makes a MASSIVE difference by giving it a realistic rough edge.

Quick tour of the basics as I’m reviewing the products more than anything else:

  • A black base with hints of yellow to give the impression of bruising and blend until soft
  • A thin layer of red over the top, makes it looks like you’ve got yourself some blood rising to the surface.
  • Use liquid latex to add some texture leaving it to dry and painting over it as well.

It’s all quite simple when you have the products in front of you.

The thing that I used the most has to be the eleven ever face paint of course and I’ve got to say it’s great quality, the consistency is perfect and it isn’t waxy or shin like lots of face paints are. Also the colour palette options are great with each one catering to different looks. The only issue that I had with this was that the colour I thought was black was purple but it worked out in the end making it more bruise like.

Next lets get on with Snazaroo, the more well knows special effects make up brand and to be honest it is my go to. The fake blood has a great gel like consistency as I am using it for make up I don’t want it to run everywhere I want it to stay where I put it.

The Snazaroo special effects wax, I think it may just be because I don’t know how to use it but I never found a use for it, it was just too hard to work with.

The sponge however, as I mentioned earlier, get the right sponge, I’m awful at make up and this was the saving grace for me, the texture of it gave m everything i needed to make my rookie skills look apprentice at least.

Finally the liquid latex and spirit glue, the spirit glue is simply to keep my wig on when tumbling about (my extremely un-kept wig in this situation) it works wonders and I know drag queens that wear their wigs with this when dancing on stage, cosplayer tested, drag queen approved.

In the end, everything apart from the special effects wax I would recommend, all of it can be found on Amazon for under £20 all together. I know this is more of a ‘the life of me’ post but i thought people may appreciate a genuine opinion on these products from a Cosplayers point of view.

And that’s all for this post, lucky frost out.

No7 Men Energising Eye Roll-On

I’ve had this one for a couple of months now so I think I’m in a good position to review it. Skip to the fourth paragraph if you want to get past my random jibbering and to the review.

Being a full time University student as well as working a pretty much full time job has its’ affects, namely for me the bags under my eyes. I’m conscious about ageing to begin with so when I started looking down right exhausted no matter how much sleep I had I looked into something to help.

I found all sorts to be fair, the most highly prised being some Korean Avocado based eye cream but that costs £30 and I am not made of money. So I went to Boots and found this eye roll on.

The Product in question

One thing I don’t feel this does it get rid of dark circles which is a bit of a bummer but I haven’t stopped using it. This is because it is really good at getting rid of swelling around the eyes caused by lack of sleep and downright exhaustion; and it’s a lot less time consuming than sitting with cooling patches/ masks on my face.

Another benefit I found for this is it works for my skin which is quite sensitive, if my regular face wash goes anywhere near my under eye area I look like I’ve just been punched for the next two days which never helps if I have a con coming up and I’ll be getting photographed in costume.

Me after, forgot the entire before thing but my under eyes don’t look too bad so yeah it worked.

One last praise for this is how compact it is, i is easy to take with me and not take up tonnes of space in a wash bag.

Well there we have it, my second blog post, University is finished for the year so the goal is to post more, will probably make myself penniless and try the Korean Avocado based eye cream but If It’s not worth it at least you won’t make the same mistake.

That’s all for now, see you next time!

Hey! It’s Me!

Martyn Murphy here (Marty to pretty much everyone), here for a second attempt at my first blog.


As you can see the blog is Lucky Frost Live, Inspired by my Cosplay Persona’s name Lucky Frost inspired by my two first characters: Jack Frost and Nagito Komaeda aka the Super High School Level Lucky Student.

I am a Journalism student at York St.John University in my second year of study, my goals at the moment is to write features for media outlets including reviews so a Blog is a good start for me.

Content wise you can expect a jack of all trades, I do Cosplay as a hobby, when I have the time you can’t get me of of my Xbox and if I’m feeling creative I draw as well, I’m not the best but I can try. Speaking of trying, I’ll probably be reviewing some health and beauty products as I do try to look after myself or as if look like someone who looks after themselves.

the gist of it is expect reviews, as you can see the words I go by are ‘I try it, you buy it.’

Be back soon, Lucky Frost.

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